Reptiles of the Black Range

Reptiles of the Black Range
Version 1.0
October 2023

Compressed File

Reptiles of the Black Range This file is compressed and is 77 MB in size, meaning the images will be of lower quality - but still quite nice - than found in the uncompressed file.  Recommended for most users.

Uncompressed Files

Reptiles of the Black Range:  This file is 472 MB in size.  

The future:  Note that the sampler is published as “Version 1.0”.  We are embracing the digital media concept here.  There will not be a “Second Edition”, which means we wait until there is a substantial body of material to publish changes.  Instead, there will be a “Version 1.1” etc..  That means we will publish updates more frequently.

Given the substantial amount of material included in this publication it is possible that errors occurred in transcription.  The editor is responsible for all errors of commission and omission.  If you find errors, please report them to so that they may be corrected.  Thank you. 

Errata Listing

As Errors of Commission or Ommission are noted they will be listed here and published in the next version of this work.

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