Tradescantia pinetorum 

Pine Spiderwort, Tradescantia pinetorum 
Railroad Canyon, Black Range, NM
August 22, 2013

Tradescantia pinetorum, Pine Spiderwort, is one of two Tradescantia typically found in the Black Range, the other being T. occidentalis.  T. tuberosa (Edward Lee Green, 1881) and Aneilema pinetorum are scientific synonyms for this species.

As shown on the BONAP map to the right, this is a species of the southwest within the lower 48 of the United States.  The light green color on the map indicates that the species is native to, and not rare within, the county indicated.  Tradescantia pinetorum is also found in Chihuahua, Durango, and Sonora.

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