Townsendia formosa

Townsendia formosa, Smooth Townsend Daisy

Townsendia formosa, Smooth Townsend Daisy
Sawyers Peak Trail, Black Range, New Mexico
June 30, 2019

This species has a range limited to New Mexico and Arizona in the United States, as indicated in the BONAP range map to the right.  

This species was first described by Edward Lee Greene in 1906 from a specimen collected by O. B. Metcalfe at Sawyers Peak on September 30, 1904.  The Type Specimen (Co-type, Isotype) is shown below.  Note that “Sierra” County is crossed out and replaced by “Grant” County.  The County line runs along the ridgeline of the Black Range and the trail, more-or-less follows the ridgeline.  The individuals shown in these photographs were probably a few feet within Sierra County.

Townsendia formosa.png

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