Thalictrum fendleri

Fendler Meadowrue, Thalictrum fendleri
Sawyer Peak Trail, Black Range, New Mexico
June 9, 2019

The flowers of the Fendler Meadowrue do not have petals.  The large stigmas collect airborne pollen.

Decoctions prepared from the roots were used medicinally by Native Americans to cure colds and gonorrhea, and in ceremonies (D. E. Moerman 1986)

This species is also known as Fendler’s Meadowrue.  There are three scientific synonyms; Thalictrum amissum, Thalictrum fendleri var. platycarpum, and T. f. var. writhtii.  There are five subordinate taxa (varieties).  The species was first described in 1849 by George Engelman from a specimen collected by Augustus Fendler in 1847 between the 13th of June and the 7th of July in shady places along Santa Fe Creek, New Mexico.  The Type Specimen (Isotype) is shown below.


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