Ribes pinetorum

Orange Gooseberry - Ribes pinetorum
McKnight Cabin
Black Range
New Mexico, USA

The Orange Gooseberry, Ribes pinetorum, is found at higher elevations in the Black Range of New Mexico, USA.  The photographs shown here were taken at McKnight Cabin.  The stems of this species have nasty little thorns (nasty being a technical term, I am sure).  Apparently, the fruit is also spiny.

This species has a range which is restricted to New Mexico and Arizona in the United States.  It was  first described by Edward Lee Greene in 1881.  Greene described/redescribed more than 4,400 other species from the American West.  The Type Specimen was collected in May-July of 1880 by Greene, in the Pinos Altos Mountains north of Silver City, New Mexico.  The specimen (see below) is maintained by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The ground around the plants in these photographs were covered in Wild Turkey tracks.


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