Populus x acuminata

Lance Leaf Cottonwood - Populus x acuminata
Ready Pay Gulch
East of Hillsboro
New Mexico, USA

Populus x acuminata is a hybrid between Populus deltoides and Populus angustifolia.  Its leaves have a shape which is in between the narrow shape of the P. angustifolia and the cordate shape (heart-shaped) of P. deltoides.

We found this specimen growing in one of the washes of Ready Pay Gulch east of Hillsboro.  The rock appears to be limestone.  This is a rather strange place for a cottonwood to be growing.  They are “survivors” but most of the time this is a very dry place.

P. angustifolia is a western species while P. deltoides is found in much of the United States.  At one time Lance Leaf Cottonwood was considered a full species and not a hybrid.

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