Physaria gordonii

Gordon's Bladderpod  - Physaria gordonii or
 Fendler Bladerrpod - Physaria fendleri 
East of Hillsboro, NM, USA
March 3, 2017

On March 3, 2017, we were hiking just east of Hillsboro near the windmill petroglyph site, admiring the bladderpods which were just coming into bloom.

Unfortunately, none of the plants which I photographed had fruited so I was not able to determine the species of these plants.  They are either Fendler Bladderpod, Physaria fendleri, or Gordon’s Bladderpod, Physaria gordonii.  The two species have roughly the same range and both are found at “mid-elevations”.  Based on habitat, the species should be Gordon’s Bladderpod, but such a determination is tenuous at best.

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