Lonicera arizonica 

Lonicera arizonica - Arizona Honeysuckle (Spanish: Madreselva)
Railroad Canyon, Black Range - June 9, 2019

This species is the only orange-red honeysuckle found in the Black Range.  Within the United States the range of this species is limited, see BONAP range map to the right.  In Mexico, it is found in Chihuahua and Sonora.  The genus name, Lonicera, honors the German botanist Adam Lonitzer (1528-1586) and the species name simply means of or from Arizona.  The type specimen was collected by C. G. Pringle in the Rincon Mountains of Arizona on June 19, 1884 (see note on specimen sheet below).  Pringle was one of the great collector/botanists on North America.  In terms of species collected and described he ranks fifth in total numbers.  Although he collected mostly in Mexico during the later part of his life he did some collecting in New Mexico during earlier periods.  The self-portrait shown below is from a collecting trip in Arizona.  


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