Lathyrus graminifolius

IMG_3742 - Version 2

Grass-leaved Peavine - Lathyrus graminifolius 
Railroad Canyon, Black Range, New Mexico
May 9, 2014

I find Lathyrus graminifolius, Grass-leaved Peavine (also called Grassleaf Pea and Grass-Leaf Vetchling), especially interesting because of the leaves.  The flowers of this species are associated with stalks/leaves which look like any number of grasses.  With age, the flowers of this species will turn orange.

If you wish to take the time, plants in the genus Lathyrus can be told from those of Vicia by removing all of the petals and stamens so that you can see the stigma.  "In Lathyrus the style is hairy up and down an entire side, whereas in Vicia there is just a tuft of hairs below the apex."

The range of this species within the United States is limited, as shown on the BONAP map to the right.  Light green indicates that the species is native to, and common within, the county specified.  In Mexico, it is found in Chihuahua and Sonora.

This species is also known as L. palustris (several varieties) and Orobus dissitifolius.

The specimen shown below was collected by F. X. Holzner in the Huachuca Mountains of Arizona on August 18, 1893 as part of (one of) the International Boundary Surveys.

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