Grindelia arizonica var. neomexicana

New Mexico Gumweed - Grindelia arizonica var. neomexicana
Carbonate Creek, Black Range, New Mexico, USA
July 2015

Note especially the phyllaries and apices which are almost straight rather than strongly curved out as in G. squarrosa.  This refers to the bulbish area below the flower.  A more definitive discussion of the taxonomy of this species can be found at Flora of North America.  This subspecies was first described by Wooton & Standley.

After the rays of the flower fall off (or don’t fall off, if they were never there) - after anthesis - the flower cup becomes covered in a gummy milky substance, shown in the photo below.

Grindelia arizonica is found in a limited area of the US southwest, see BONAP range map, and Chihuahua and Coahuila.

IMG_2944 - Version 2

Gallinas Canyon West Slope of the Black Range New Mexico, USA
Immediately above and below.
July 28, 2016

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