Fragaria vesca var. americana

Fragaria vesca var. americana, Wild Strawberry or Woodland Strawberry
 Hillsboro Peak Trail, Black Range
May 25, 2015

The red fruit of the Woodland Strawberry, Fragaria vesca, is much smaller than the domesticated varieties of strawberry, but just as tasty.  It is also known as Wild Strawberry, Alpine Strawberry, and European Strawberry.  At this time of year, Woodland Strawberry is in bloom along most of the middle and higher elevation trails in the Black Range.  The specimens pictured here were photographed along the Black Range Crest Trail (Trail 79) just south of McKnight Mountain, at an elevation of about 9,500’.

The Woodland Strawberry is found in most of Canada and the United States, being absent from most of the Southeast United States (it is fairly common throughout the Northern Hemisphere).  Fragaria virginiana is also possible in this region.

Trail 79 McKnight Cabin to McKnight Mountain
Immediately above and all below

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