Erigeron sp.?

Erigeron sp.?
Hillsboro Peak Trail
Black Range, New Mexico, USA
September 19, 2016

This entry is about a plant that I may never be able to identify to species.  In fact, it is possible that two different species are presented today - thus the dilemma.  These photographs were taken on the 19th of September 2016, along the trail to Hillsboro Peak (from Emory Pass).  The most likely suspects are Erigeron eximius, Spruce Fir Fleabane, and Erigeron neomexicanus, New Mexico Daisy - but, at this point I have not a clue.  

As can be seen from the trail shots, this is a tall plant (by Erigeron standards) and was growing in masses.  It presents startling evidence that perceiving beauty does not require understanding or knowledge.

Significant portions of the Black Range still look bleak, the residual of the Silver Fire, at least to some eyes.  As I walked along the trail I noted the woodpeckers and other birds rejoicing in the dead snags and I was amazed at the bounty of wildflowers, in both species and individual numbers.  This fall, the trail was truly world class, an expression of some expertise on the topic.

For now, I leave you with white composites. 

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