Convolvulus equitans

Dagger Bindweed - Convolvulus equitans
East of Hillsboro
New Mexico, USA

Dagger Bindweed (a.k.a. Texas or Gray Bindweed), Convolvulus equitans, is by no means a rare plant in our area.  During the summer it is common on any of the walks around Hillsboro.  Its low habit and distinctly shaped (arrowhead-like) leaves make this a fairly easy identification.  It is most commonly found in disturbed areas in the southwestern United States (as far east as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and parts of Kansas) and northern Mexico.

The vines of this plant can grow to 6’, it hugs the ground, and like many Convolvulus is tenacious.  There are from 200 to 250 species within the genus Convolvulus and the genus is cosmopolitan in its distribution.

This species was first described by George Bentham.  Bentham was an English botanist who is considered the premier systematic botanist of his time, he never visited this area.

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