Anoda cristata

Spurred Anoda - Anoda cristata
Hillsboro Peak Trail, Black Range, New Mexico, USA
September 16, 2016

These photographs were taken on September 19, 2016, after a walk along the Hillsboro Peak Trail of the Black Range close to the Emory Pass Parking area.  It is Spurred Anoda, Anoda cristata.

Not only is the flower delicate and beautiful but, at least in this case, it had a wonderful habit of blooming from the stalk of the plant (solitary in the leaf axis).  Note the purple staining on the midrib of the leaves, it is diagnostic of this species.

Anoda cristata has a number of scientific synonyms, including, Anoda arizonica, Anoda acerifolia, Sida cristata, and Anoda lavaterioides.  Other Common English names included Crested Anoda, and Violettas.

As shown on the BONAP map to the right, the species is native to and not rare within several counties in New Mexico, Arizona, and Western Texas (light green color).  It has been introduced in a number of other locales and is considered a noxious weed in some of those areas.  It is native in areas southward to Central America or perhaps South America.  The flowers of this species, in the southern part of its range, can be quiet large and showy.

Edward Palmer collected the specimen shown below in Mexico during January-February 1892.

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