October 1883


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Bundy Anticts

Pages 1, 2, and 4 had little, if any, substantive material.

From Page 3:

Under the Fairview Heading:  Next week there will be a change in the running time of the trains on the Santa Fe Road, so that the passengers will just about meet at Engle at noon. This will necessitate the running of the stages at night to make connections and will not make a very pleasant change to the people here, and less agreeable to the stage employes.  The drive between Chloride and Grafton will be will be particularly disagreeable.

Under the Grafton Heading:  Some of the ladies who have tried them, state that the prickly pears which grow on the broad leaved cactus make the finest kind of preserves and jelly.

Under the Grafton Heading: C. C. Upham who is known in this section for his work of surveying for the A. T. &, S. F. railroad, has been appointed chief engineer of the Tampico division of the Mexican central.  (Ed. - This is the individual that Upham, in southern Sierra County, is named for.)

Under the Grafton Heading: It was found upon trial that the engine of the Royal Arch was too small for the work of hoisting the water from the bottom of the shaft and the work is now suspended until a larger engine can be procured.

Under the Grafton Heading: The Humboldt house at Engle was for the accommodation of the traveling public, last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers since they closed the house have had more trouble to turn away guests than they previously had to keep them and they concluded to return to the previous arrangement. 


Under the Grafton Heading:  Judge Adams has commenced drifting from the bottom of the shaft for ledge of the Alaska. The rock of the present shaft wasso much more expensive to work than there was reason to anticipate judging by former work on the same property, that the depth of the same is not so great as it was intended to make it with the fund set aside for the purpose. However, the drift will tap the ledge over a hundred feet deeper than it has been seen before and that will be a pretty good test for it There is no trouble from water yet and there is not likely to be as the judge's facilities for handling any ordinary flow are ample.

Ed. - Bundy-type antics are not new in the West.  See the top clipping on the right.

Under the Chloride Heading: Harry Benny went up the gulch yesterday to begin work on the Little Pittsburg.

Under the Chloride Heading:   Ed.  In the second clipping above, note that “confinement” can kill you.

Under the Chloride Heading:  John Stone and Trumbor & Beebe have the first south extension of the Walking John claim on Mineral creek upon which they do a day's work occaslonally nowadays. The claim has a nice mineral streak from which an assay of seven hundred dollars has recently been made. It is without doubt a pretty good piece of property.

Under the Chloride Heading: Ed. - Much notice is  being given to the possibility of a concentrator in Chloride.  The clip to the right is a description of how the ore from various mines in the area concentrates.

The October 12 issue may be read in its entirety at: The Black Range newspaper, issue of October 12, 1883, the file is 2.3 MB in size.



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kingston butcher

From Page 1:

Old John Robinson's circus Is down here in New Mexico this week.

The United States grand Jury have found a true bill against Oklahoma Payne for conspiracy to violate the laws. The end of this Oklahoma business draws near.

The Chinese enter this country from Mexico, British Columbia and through obscure ports, and the number in this country is daily augmented in spite of the prohibitory edict of congress.

The Santa Fe road has made another cut in the wages of employes. It is the station agents who suffer this time.  A percentage allowed on the sale of tickets makes some stations as good pay as ever, but at most places the reductions considerable.

Kingston report

California men are about to introduce United States political methods into railroad operations in Central America.  Crocker, Huntington and Sanford, the Pacific coast vampires, have made a combination with the dominant party in the state of Guatemala whereby a railroad will be constructed by them from ocean to ocean across said state, all employes of the government whose salary exceeds eight dollars per month being compelled to assist the scheme by the investment of four dollars per year for ten years, of their hard-earned cash, In stock. The vampires Will soon render this stock worthless and the poor clerks will pass out empty handed, it is strange that Mahone never has extended his operations in Virginia to this extent.

More Hagan's Peak

From Page 2:

The change of the times of the trains on the Santa Fe road took place last Sunday. San Marcial is now the dinner station for both trains.  All the through trains to the Pacific coast now run over the A. & P. and there is no attempt to make connections with the Southern Pacific at Deming. There is no change in the running of stages between the Range and Engle and there probably will not be until travel is greatly increased. The present running of the railroad shortens the time from Engle to Kansas City twelve hours.

Those who strained their eyesight sufficiently over the Mesilla News of last week, deciphered an item which said that every respectable newspaper in New Mexico was anxious to have the territory become a state. While hoping that the News is not trying to win the title of a ''respectable newspaper" simply by joining the state gang.  The Range would like to know what good would be accomplished by having this a state.  Nobody could be benefitted except the politicians and their pleasure would be the public's pain.  The chief recommendation of the territory of New Mexico to  day is its lack of politics.

From Page 3:

Under the Chloride Heading:  Ed Magner has gone up to the Black Knight properties to do an assessment work on one of them.

Under the Chloride Heading: Geo. Turner and J. C. Moody visited Socorro this week to draw the purchase money for the American Flag sale.

Under the Chloride Heading: John McBride has pone to Denver accompanying the shipment of the Silver Monument ore made last week. Tools and provisions have been concentrated at the Dread naught and work will be commenced next week.

Under the Chloride Heading: The Hagan's Peak Tunnel company is preparing to let a large contract. In the meantime work progresses leisurely.

Under the Chloride Heading: The American Flag has  filed proof of publication and all other necessary papers for a patent, with the register of the land office and the owners now have a solid and clear title to the property.

Under the Chloride Heading: C. H. Laidlaw of Fairview is delving upon a claim of his in the neighborhood of Silver hill in the Cuchillo's, piling up ore for treatment by the concentrator when it arrives. He has a large ledge with an ore crevice of some three feet.

Under the Chloride Heading: The location of Reber & Co., soda water manufacturers at Socorro, whence they moved from the Black range, does not, the Range regrets to notice, seem to be a great improvement. They are adverting soda at sixty cents a box.

Under the Chloride Heading: The b'ar hunters of Hermosa are making said inroads into the bear product of the range. In truth the bears are suffering in all quarters from the gun shots of ambitious hunters. Bear in the Black range will be &n unknown quantity in a very few years.

Under the Chloride Heading: Ed. - More PR for the Hagan’s Peak Tunnel, hog sales, and a report from Kingston are mentioned in the clips immediately above, to the right, and immediately below.

Under the Chloride Heading:  A. Rush Bowe has got his new boiler up to his mine and workmen are busily engaged in putting it in place and erecting the furnace.  Just as soon as possible he will fire up and push the work of clearing the water from the mine and sinking the shaft. The unfortunate combination of circumstances which have caused so much delay in the working of the Royal Arch mine are about over it is hoped and work when resumed will continue uninterruptedly.

The complete issue of can be read at: The Black Range Newspaper, issue of October 25, 1883. The file is 2.4 MB in size.

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