Agastache pallidiflora

New Mexico Giant Hyssop - Agastache pallidiflora neomexicana
Railroad Canyon Campground to Holden Prong Saddle
Black Range, Grant County, New Mexico, USA
October 13, 2017

Synonyms include A. breviflora, A. neomexicana, and A. pallidiflora havardii.  An alternate English common name is Bill Williams Mountain Giant Hyssop.  There are two varieties of the subspecies; A. p. n. neomexicana and A. p. n. havardii.  There is also another subspecies - A. pallidiflora, which has three varieties.  This species is in the mint family and so has square stems.  "Ethnobotany: This species was used as an infusion to treat fevers and coughs, the root was pulverized and used to treat cankers, and the whole plant was used as a fumigant to treat deer sickness. The plant was an important food source, and its leaves were used during cooking as a seasoning. This plant was also used to protect against witches."

Hillsboro Peak Trail, Black Range

Railroad Canyon, Black Range
September 16, 2020
Photographs immediately above and below

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