Jackpot Mine

Like nearly all of the mines of the Black Range, the Jackpot Mine is nothing more than a hole in the ground these days.  It is located on the southwest flank of Empire Peak (Lat: 32.95500 Long: -107.56167), roughly across the ravine from the Biglowe (Biglow or Big-Low) Mine.

Jackpot Mine location

These holes, most of which are filled or caved, hide a lot of work underground.  In 1963 the underground workings were reported as a 120 foot shaft with drifts at 60 feet and 120 feet. A tunnel (adit) which followed the vein for about 120 feet and a few shallow trenches completed the mine site.  

The photograph above shows the entrance to the adit.  There are at least four unpatented claims at the site.  The Jackpot Mine went into production in 1885 and last produced in 1939.  The last assay reported 0.36 ounces of gold per ton, 1.3 ounces of silver per ton, and the ore had 0.25% copper (one-quarter of one per cent) per sample.  No references to the mine were found in typical references.

Minerals found in the gangue & ore included Calcite, Quartz, Bornite, Chalcopyrite, Galena, Gold, Malachite, and Silver.  These minerals found in veins of the andesite flows of the area.

I did not explore the adit at the time of my visit.  It appeared to be a typical hard rock adit with no supports, other adits in the area have been prone to cave-ins.

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