El Oro Mine & Andrews

Andrews, El Oro Mine, Kap geologic formation. The old mining
town of Andrews, northeast of Hillsboro, New Mexico, USA.  The mine
buildings (lower right quarter of the photo) are from the Golden Rule
(or El Oro) Mine.  Most of what is visible in the photograph is part
of a Kap geologic formation.

Northeast of the Copper Flat Copper Mine, which is itself northeast of Hillsboro, is the old mining town of Andrews.  The El Oro, or Golden Rule, Mine workings were the major mine in town and were in the center of town.  

Andrews Northeast of Hillsboro, New Mexico, USA

Andrews has more “intact” structures (above) than the usual ghost town in this area, which typically are evidenced by some old nails and a few pieces of wood.

The photograph directly above is the same as the building at the center bottom of the header photograph.  In the photograph below, most of the slope going down into town from the right is part of a Kap geologic unit.  The Hillsboro Quadrangle Geologic Map describes Kap as “Plagioclase-phyric andesite flows of Copper Flat – Gray, porphyritic, fine- to coarse-grained andesite. Forms ledges atop ridges of Kaf. Phenocrysts include 20-25% plagioclase, 4-7% pyroxene, and trace biotite. Contains 2-5% lithic fragments and trace to 3% disseminated magnetite. Non-vesicular and moderately foliated.” 

I have long believed that of the sites in our area, Andrews is the most worthy of maintaining.  Not only are there several buildings at the site but there are significant mine workings.  The mine workings are diverse and apparent, something quite rare in our area, and could “easily” be translated into the mining history of the Hillsboro Mining District.

The drive out to Andrews is the subject of an auto tour video, which may also be accessed through the Roads of the Black Range video portfolio or directly.  It is embedded below.

These photographs, and others, have been added to the Towns of the Black Range photo gallery.

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