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Among the Dust of Thieves: A True Story of the Final Days of Mesilla’s Colonel Albert Fountain -  page 3

Andrews, Ethelbert  - “History of the Mission” pages 8-10

Andrews, Henry “Bull”

Animal Populations - “A Little More Natural History” by Harley Shaw page 5

Animas Creek

Animas Mining District

Antiques Festival


Armer, Margaret

Around Hillsboro (Book)


Bach, Sandra (Oral History Interviews)

Barnes, Robert

Baseball and Civil Law in Early Hillsboro - Judge, Jury, and Umpire - by Lynn Tittmann Mullins, pp. 8 - 10

Beals, Ida Letter (From 1889)

  • Local History - pages 3 - 5

Bergey, Virginia

Bills, Garland

Bird (Luna), Romy

The Black Range Museum - by Harley Shaw, Garland Bills, and Barbara Lovell - pages 4 - 7
Black Range Museum Report - November 2019

Bojorquez, Franciso

Brinkley, R. D. (Interviews conducted by)

Brown, Pat

Burke House (Hillsboro)

Burke, Robert


Camp Boyd - page 5

Carrara, John (Sarge)

Cave Creek

Cemetery (Hillsboro)

 Centennial Celebration (Kingston)

Chavez (Clan) - pages 5 - 8

Chavez, Manuelita (Micky)

Christmas in the Foothills

Claims, Mining 

Coincidence at the Abbey - by Peter Hutchison - page 4 

Courthouse, Hillsboro

Crafton, Delia 

Crews, Charles Cotilda

Crews, C. C. (House)

Crossing the Southern Black Range Through the Centuries by Harley Shaw pp. 3-7

Currie, George (Donations to Lincoln County Courthouse) - page 5


Diary of the Hunt - by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 7 - 11

Did Kingston Really Have 7000 Residents? - by Barbara Lovell - page 6  

Did Two Hillsboro Political Heavyweights Bring Down a Lightweight New Mexico Territorial Governor?    
       by Mark Thompson - May 2015 - pages 2-10

Diel, Joe

Donation Form (Materials Not Financial)

Doves and Pigeons by Harley Shaw


El Paso Radio Station Interview

Emory Pass

Evans, Art


A Famous Couple in the Nightlife of Kingston by Barbara Lovell

Faulkner, Emmitt

Ferris, James H.

A Few Words From Hillsboro Citizen - page 4


"First and Only Women Even Sentenced To Death in New Mexico” by Stretch Luna

First Grade - by Bobbie Hale-Ostler - pages 3 - 5

Fletcher, Sherry

Flood (1914)

Flood (1972) 

Forest Rangers

Fountain Murder Trial (Play)

Fowler, Ron

Flynn, Katherine

From the Archives: Kingston, the Gem of the Black Range - 1883 - by Charles Green- pages 5 - 8


Galles, Nicholas

Gibson, Sarah

Given, Hattie - The Flood Which Swept Through The Main Business Street of Hillsboro, New Mexico - June 10, 1914

Graham, Donald

Green, Charles

Green Fire - page 2

Guns of Hillsboro - What the well-dressed gentleman was totin’ in the 1890s - by Harley Shaw - pages 3 - 7


Hale-Ostler, Bobbie (See also Ostler, Bobbie)

Half-Baked Horse Opera (Play)


Hatcher Hotel

Hawkes, Farrier Asa B. (Court-martial) - Comments of Craig Springer

Heindl, Alex


HHS Member Makes National News In Scotland - page 4

Hillsboro - by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 3 - 5

Hillsboro and Las Animas Mining Districts - by Joe Diel - pages 2 - 5

Hillsboro Bank

Hillsboro Blog (Craig Springer’s Blog)

Hillsboro Businesses (Historic Listing)

 Hillsboro (Dates of Historical Events) - by Fred “Stretch” Luna

Hillsboro Fire Truck (Old No. 1) Project - by Harley Shaw - pages 9 - 10

Hillsboro High School by Patricia P. Sze

Hillsboro Historical Society (See also Museum, Black Range)

Hillsboro History 


Hillsboro In the Thirties - by Michael Taylor - pages 4 - 14

Hillsboro Javelina History by Harley Shaw

Hillsboro Massacre of 1879 - Craig Springer Comments

Hillsboro Mining District

Hillsboro Postmaster Convicted of Embezzlement Chooses the Death Penalty - by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 6

Hillsboro Post Office

Hillsboro Sign

Hillsboro Power Plant - page 5

Hillsboro Stage Line 

Hillsboro Timeline Two by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10 (see also Percha Creek Timeline)
Hillsboro Timeline by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10
Hillsboro Timeline (August 2016) by Harley Shaw - pages 7 - 9
Hillsboro Timeline (November 2016) by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10

Hillsboro to Kingston Toll Road

Hillsboro Walking Tour

Historic Marker Signs

History of Hermosa by Richard Mansfield White - pp 5 - 11

History Museum - Outside by Nichole Trushell - page 3

History of the Mission - by Ethelbert Andrews

History of Sierra County Courthouse and Jail - A Beginning by Harley Shaw

Hopewell, William S.

How Did the Mountain Pride end up in Lincoln - by Harley Shaw - pages 3 - 6

Hutchison, Peter


It’s A Renovation Celebaration and You are Invited! by Leah F. Tookey p. 3

Its Cold Inside - Hillsboro Refrigeration - by Robert Barnes - pages 4 - 6

Ironwood Statue Raffle

Irvin, Levina and Nat


Jones, Fayette Alexander - New Mexico Mines and Minerals - (Article Entitled “Mining Around Hillsboro 1904 - Remembering the Boom Days”) pages 5-11

Judge Frank Wilson Parker: Frontier Lawyer, Political Warrior  by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 7



Kingston Myths by Craig Springer - pages 7 - 8

Kingston Opera House - page 8

Kingston School House Museum

Kingston Shaft (Newspaper)


Lace Curtains - by Bobbie Hale Ostler - page 6

Ladder Ranch Tour

Lake Valley War: An Analysis of the Last Range War in New Mexico by Heidi Nunn-Gilman

Laumbach, Karl

 The Legacy of the Chavez Clan in Northern Mexico (later Territory of New Mexico) and Hillsboro N.M. 

    by Fred R. “Stretch” Luna

The Legal Foundation of Hillsboro - Sort of by Mark Thompson - pages 5 - 7

Leopold, Aldo

  • May 2016 - presentation by Steve Morgan - page 3

Life on North Percha Through Three Generations - (From Happy Days by Mary Reid) pages 4 - 5

A Little More Natural History -  by Harley Shaw

Lockhart, Bill 

The Longrifle by Susan Roebuck - page 6

The Long Road Home - by Bobbie Ostler - pages 5 - 6

Loomis, Lynn

Love in the Time of Coronavirus?  And What Would the World Be Like If We’d Understood Social Isolation in 1918? by Harley Shaw, page 11

Lovell, Barbara

Luna, Fred (Stretch) 

 Luna, Federico Antonio Chaves (Fred) (senior)



McCall, David

Majoras, Judy

Masonic Lodge (Hillsboro)

Milhaljevich, Mike

Miller House (Hillsboro)


Mining Claims

The (Mis) Naming of Emory Pass  - by Harley Shaw - pages 4 - 7

Mister, Fred

Modern Day Miner’s Comments on the Standard Gold Mining and Milling Company - December 1890 

    by Mark Wood - page 8

Montoya, Guillermo

Morgan, Steve

  • May 2016 - Aldo Leopold presentation - page 3

Mountain Pride (Stagecoach)

Murphy House (Sheriff’s House)

Mullins, Lynn Tittmann

Murrell, Hudson

Museum, Black Range

Museum Shop

Music Festival (Hillsboro Heritage Music Festival)

The Mystery Bible - by Barbara Lovell - page 3

Mystery Tongs - page 7


Nations, K. L. - House - page 11

Neat Stuff and Odds and Ends

New Deal Art and Architecture in New Mexico - Presentation by Katherine Flynn - Page 2

New Mexico Constitutional Convention: Recollections -  by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 3 - 7

Non-Profit Status of HHS - page 2

Nunn, Fred - page 2

Nunn-Gilman, Heidi


Opportunity Mine

Orchard, Sadie

Ostler, Bobbie (See also Bobbie Hale Ostler)


Parker, Judge Frank Wilson

Peltier Paintings

Percha Box (Water Rights)

A Percha Creek Timeline - by Harley Shaw and Judy Majoras - pages 5 - 7
Percha Watershed Area Timeline - by Harley Shaw - pages 9 - 11

Percha Creek Tollroad (Between Hillsboro & Kingston)

Piano, Historic

Pioneer’s Spririt and the Showman’s Flair of Joe Bignon by Mike Mihaljevich - pages 5 - 9

Played Out in Minneapolis: The Rise? The Fall? of a Hillsboro Mining Venture - By Mark B. Thompson, III - pages 3 - 7

Presentations (Sponsored by HHS)

Put It On Ice by Bob Barnes - pages 5 - 6


Reid, Mary

Reynolds, Betty

Richmond, Patrick

River of Spirits (Las Animas book)

Roebuck, Susan


Sarah Gibson’s Story - pages 4 - 7

Scanlan, Tom

Selling Your Cold - pages 5 - 6

Siegfried, Stephen

Shaw, Bill - “The 1972 Labor Day Flood

Shaw, Harley

A Shell Hunt in the Black Range - pages 3 - 5

Silver Fire 

Snake Mine

Snakebite - A Little Natural History

Soda Bottling In The Black Range  by Bill Lockhart, Zang Wood, et al. - pages 5 - 17

Springer, Craig

Stage Coach Line (See also Mountain Pride)

Stage Curtain

Standard Gold Mining & Milling Company

Stiles House

Stocker, Henry D.

Stocker-Miller House

"Stormy Night - Bobbie Hale April 1978 - 5th Grade T or C Elementary - Mr. Garcia’s Class” - By Bobbie Hale-Ostler -     

       pages 5 - 6

Sze, Patricia 

  • Hillsboro High School


Taylor, Michael

Thompson, Mark B. III

Thompson, Moses

Tittmann, Edward D.

Toll Road (Hillsboro to Kingston)

 Leah F. Tookey

Torres Bar Restaurant, Hillsboro

 Trushell, Nichole


 Washington, George


What’s In A Name - Is Hillsborough Still The Seat of Sierra County? - by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 4

White, Richard Mansfield

Whitham, J. D.

Whitham, Joe

Wood, Mark

Wood, Zang


Ying, Tom

A Young Girl’s Visits to the Black Range Museum in the 1970’s by Bobbie Ostler

A Young Hillsboro “David” Takes on a Territorial “Goliath” - Edward Tittmann Goes to Washington to Keep the County Seat by Lynn Tittmann Mullins - pages 5 - 10

A Young Rancher’s Adventures in Lake Valley, 1879 - 1884 by Tom Scanlan - pages 2 - 4


Zamorra, Luis

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