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COPYRIGHT:  By publishing his/her work on this website the originator asserts his/her copyright of the material.  Inquiries about use of all or part of a work should be addressed directly to the originator.  If it is not clear how to contact the originator please contact Bob Barnes, he will coordinate the initial contact.  Please respect the copyright held by others, just because they are willing to share does not mean that they are willing to be exploited.

We publish in the .pdf format.  Therefore, our listings are “name of work” followed by .pdf.


Do you have a written work which you would like published on this site?  If so, join us in a grand experiment.  We are still defining what this service is and how it works.  This is what we know so far (but note that there are no hard and fast rules - we are more than willing to “work with” submitters):

  1. BulletTo be published here a work should be of short story or essay length, whatever that means.  If you have a novel we can try to work that out too.

  2. BulletThe Writer’s Forum is for works which have not been submitted elsewhere.  Publishing here does not prevent you from pursuing other publishing opportunities.

  3. BulletWorks may be fiction or non-fiction.

  4. BulletStories, essays, poetry... all are accepted.

  5. BulletThis site makes no claims of copyright on your works.  We assert that a work published here can not be published elsewhere without the writer’s permission.

  6. BulletThe work may be listed here as a .pdf file or on its own page - depending largely on length.

  7. BulletWe can include a link to you so that you can show off other works at other sites or receive comments directly from your readers - as you wish.

  8. BulletSubmittals in the form of a .pdf file or in the Apple “Pages” format are easiest for us to handle but we will try to use works in whatever format you provide. 

  9. BulletWe can scan hard copy submissions but prefer not to.

  10. BulletThe question of whether the works will be juried to determine what is suitable for publication and what is not is still up in the air.  Initial submissions will not be juried but may be removed later if a jury system is instituted.

  11. BulletOnce published on this site, works will remain on the site indefinitely or until you wish to have it removed.

  12. BulletInquiries should be made to Bob Barnes.




Law's a' Comin', Fate's a' Callin'.pdf

    Chuck Barrett, Hillsboro


A few sentences about sentences.pdf

    Susan Roebuck, Kingston

Pearl's Story.pdf

    Susan Roebuck, Kingston  (Originally published in the

    Home on The Free Range blog of this website.)



    Harley G. Shaw, Hillsboro

Hillsboro Javelina History.pdf

    Harley G. Shaw, Hillsboro (originally published in the

    Hillsboro Historical Society Newsletter)

Ramblings from a Hillsboro Naturalist vol 1 no 1.pdf

    Harley G. Shaw, Hillsboro (originally published in the

    Hillsboro Historical Society Newsletter)

The Cabins of Harley Shaw.pdf

    Harley G. Shaw, Hillsboro (Originally published in the

    Home on The Free Range blog of this website.)


Ode to Kingston.pdf

    A poem composed during his first visit to Kingston.


Nose and Toes.pdf

    A poem about Winkler’s bike riding by (a former) long-   

    time resident of Kingston, Bob Shipley.