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Apparently this newsletter is no longer published.

JUNE 2015 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - June2015.pdf

Congratulations to Quinton James Montoya - Our Canyon Family Has Lost One of its Own!  Genaro A. Torres - Did You Know? Acequia de Canada Alamosa, The Monticello Ditch Association - June Calendar

MAY 2015 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger May2015.pdf

May Calendar of Events; Letter to the Editor

CALENDAR CORRECTION: Mass on the 17th will be at 10:00 and coffee on the plaza will be immediately afterwards at 11:00.

APRIL 2015 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger not published.

MARCH 2015 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Mar2015.pdf

Oscar: In Memorium - Placitas Speeding Problem - Sand News From Placitas - Letter from Lou McCall - Nature’s Neighbors, No Mere Deer - March Calendar of Events - 2015 Fiesta de San Ignacio - Josh and His Squash

FEBRUARY 2015 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Feb2015.pdf

Meet Dorothy Bolton & Cindy Linke!; Fiesta de San Ignacio; Monticello Canyon Association Annual Meeting; USPS Tells Customers - Abandon Neighborhood Post Offices - Go to Staples; A Conservationist’s Manifesto #5; Leditors to the Editor; Dog of the Month: Bodhi; Black Range Newsletter; Ninety Miles From Nowhere, Chapter 5 Winter Ways, Part 3; Nature’s Neighbors - Flashy Flickers; Village Update From Claudia - Bernadette Garner, Marita Hacker, Harold Dick, Jeffery Recycle Coop; Meet One of Monticellos’ Hawks; Welcome to the Canyon - Colt Richardson; February Calendar of Events; Did you know it is illegal to burn garbage? Anyone who burns plastic should be throttled!

JANUARY 2015 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Jan.2015.pdf

Funding Available for Irrigation and Other Improvements: Deadline - January 16th; Flood Control; Windstream Woes; Commentary: Is Water Privatization a Good Idea?; Leditors to the Editor; A Conservationist’s Manifesto; Cranial Sacral Therapy in Monticello, January 8th; Ninety Miles From Nowhere, Winter Ways - Chapter 5, Part 2; Nature’s Neighbors, Red-tail Tales; January Calendar of Events

DECEMBER 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Dec2014.pdf

Fifth Annual Monticello Holiday Store; There’s No Place Like Monticello For the Holidays; The Night Before Christmas New Mexico; Leditors to the Editor; The Battle Over Water - The Next Step; Dog of the Month - Osa; A Conservationist’s Manifesto #3; Ninety Miles From Nowhere - Winter Ways - Chapter 5 Part 1; Nature’s Neighbors - Hello Paisano!; Interstate Stream Commission Votes for Gila River Boondoggle; December Calendar of Events; If History Would Have Been Her Story; Coyotes Living Large

NOVEMBER 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Nov2014.pdf

Thank You, Tommie!; Monticello Messenger to Lose Upper Canyon Correspondents; Commentary: What Is Wrong With This Election; Leditors to the Editor; A Conservationist’s Manifesto; Dog of the Month - Max; Ninety Miles From Nowhere, School Days, Chapter 4, Part 2; Nature-s Neighbors - Raven’s Evermore!; Cañada Alamosa Recollections: The History of the San Lorenzo Church in Placitas, Part 2; El Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead; Catron County Group Continues Efforts to Stop Water Grab; November Calendar of Events; The State Library Rural Bookmobile Is For Everyone;

OCTOBER 2014 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - .Oct2014.pdf

600-Year-Old Tree Dies in New Mexico Drought; Lightening Strikes Placitas; Commentary - Taking An Old-Fashioned Stand; Leditors to the Editor; A Conservationist’s Manifesto; Dog of the Month - The Dogs of Raggedy Edge Ranch; Ninety Miles From Nowhere - School Days, Chapter 4, Part 1; Nature’s Neighbors - Enter the Green Kingdom;

Cañada Alamosa Recollections: The History of the San Lorenzo Church in Placitas, Part 1; Sponsors for the Stations of the Cross; Know Your Neighbor - Darryl Sullivan; Are You Incensed?; October Calendar of Events

SEPTEMBER 2014 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - Sep2014.pdf

National Magazine Promotes Monticello Canyon as Four-Wheel Off Road Destination; The Lobos CO2 Pipeline - Another Corporate Attempt to Exploit Our Rural Area; Congratulations to Our Young Couple We Do Not See Enough if in Monticello; Guest Commentary - Economic Development vs. Exploitation; Leditors to the Editor; Bub; Ninety Miles From Nowhere - The Long Way Back - Chapter 3; Nature’s Neighbors - Flying Dragons; 16 Health Benefits of Rosemary; Fiesta de San Lorenzo in Placitas; September Calendar of Events; Recycle News; Treasure Still Out There - Bigger Prize

AUGUST 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger-Aug2014.pdf

Fiesta de San Lorenzo en Las Placitas el 9 de Agosto, 2014; Treasure Hunt; Commentary - Sanctify the Ground; Leditors to the Editor; Volunteer Fire Meeting Correction; Augustin Plains Water Grab Update; USPS Threatens Monticello Post Office - Again; Is Senator Warren’s Solution for Saving the Post Office Right for Us?; Ava - The Dog You Love to Hate; Nature’s Neighbors - Pack Rate: The Neighborhood Hoarders; Plaza Report; Local Earthquake: Too Close For Comfort; Ninety Miles From Nowhere - Hooked on New Mexico - Chapter 2; Calendar of Events for August; Urgent Notice re: Augustin Plains Water; El Camino Real Historio Trail Site Will Host Award Winning Olay Artist Scott Goewey August 6-10

JULY 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger -July2014.pdf

MCA Plaza Committee: Doing Something About Weeds; A Town Hall On Water Planning Development & Use; Commentary - Privacy and Isolation; Leditors to the Editor; What is Beneficial Use of Water?; Ninety Miles From Nowhere by Anabel Howell - The Wrong Century, Chapter 1; Nature’s Neighbors - The Mouse That Isn’t A Rodent; Dog of the Month - Seymour; Eat Wild - Cholla; Don’t Use Big Words; Calendar of Events for July

JUNE 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - June2014.pdf

2013 Flood Damage.  Degradation of Warm Spring. A Concerned Citizen Takes Action. Letter to the Governor -  Commentary: Slow Down - Interstate Stream Commission Meeting Summary On Attempted San Augustin Water Grab - Dog of the Month: Skyy - Know Your Neighbor: Nancy Chavez - Nature’s Neighbors: Our Own Narrow Fellow (Bull Snake) - Cañada Alamosa Recollections: Monticello News Out of the Past (Articles from August 9 and September 27, 1895 and September 12, 1910) - Ninety Miles From Nowhere - Plaza Plant Identified - Calendar of Events For June

MAY 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - May2014.pdf

Monticello Canyon Association Dinner, Dance, and Silent Auction; Watch Out On The Flats; Somewhere on Earth; Commentary - Spring Chickens; Leditors to the Editor; Eat Wild - Izee Ts’ Osé - Wild Apache Tea; mmpharr: Iconoclast and Urbane Artist Extraordinaire; Nature’s Neighbors - Yellow-Rumped Warbler A Delight By Any Name; Calendar of Events for May; Chloride Shops - Including Announcement About the Chloride Bank Cafe

APRIL 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - April2014.pdf

Best Interest; Become a Member of the New Mexico Acequia Association; Commentary: The Four Elements; Leditors to the Editor; Cuchillo False Alarm; Save Monarchs With Free Milkweed Seeds; Cañada Alamosa Recollections - Warm Springs Apaches; Nature’s Neighbors - Have a Good Hare Day - Black-tailed Jack Rabbit; April Calendar of Events; and Save Your Bullock’s Receipts Support the Bountiful Alliance

MARCH 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - MAR2014.pdf

Weisenhunt Elected Monticello Canyon Association President; Remedios “Remy” Archuleta Borguet, 83, of Truth or Consequences, passed away Thursday Evening, February 6; Commentary: Not Fit to Print File; Leditors to the Editor; Lost and Found Box; A Healing Miracle For Burns; Block Your Phone Number From Telemarketers; Losar (Tibetan New Year) March 2nd; Eat Wild - Wild Mustard Season Salt; Nature’s Neighbors - A Beauty: Great and Blue (Great Blue Heron); and March Calendar of Events

FEBRUARY 2014 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - FEB2014.pdf  

Monticello Canyon Association Annual Meeting; Canyon Road Condition; Derrick Ashcroft of Red Rock Ranch Passes Away; Fiesta de San Ignacio; Happy St. Valentine’s Day - The Science of Love & Gratitude; Leditors to the Editor; Darryl Sullivan Receives Award; MCA Purchases New Printer For Community; February is Clean Up the Flats Month; Canyon Oral Histories To Be Subject of Slide Lecture; Long-Hidden Sites Discovered in the Southwest May Change Views of Ancient Migrations; Nature’s Neighbors - A Good Duck is a Wood Duck; Eat Wild; Kale; Calendar of February Events; New Hours for TorC Recycling & Waste Collection Center

JANUARY 2014 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger -JAN2014.pdf

Monticello’s Frances Sullivan Passes Away at 91; Gavino Sedillo of Placitas Passes Away; Commentary: It is a New Year; Leditors to the Editor; The Rio Grande Song; Inspiring Adaptation: Quivira Coalition Annual Conference; Nature’s Neighbors - A One-Note Wonder (Townsend’s Solitaires); Cañada Alamosa Recollections; Eat Wild (Pomergranate); Calendar of January Events; & Snake Sighting, A Good Omen?


Building Community

the Monticello Way

By Lou McCall

Since our newsletter began reaching people outside our canyon I have been hearing about how wonderful they think our community is.  I realized, that I, as an editor have a tendency to brag.  I am proud of our community and I am proud of my neighbors here.  Most importantly, what shows to the public is how proud I am of what we have done collectively.  When you read articles about our Fiesta, our monthly Mass, cleaning up the flats, fixing up the plaza, fundraising actions, the Holiday Store, luminarios... you think, wow, what a cool community, and of course, we are!

There is a history here of being a cool community.  As happened all over the U.S., after the Depression and World War II, many small towns became ghost towns.  Our agriculture society became less rural and started to decline.  Migration to the cities, drought and the beginning of the corporate takeover were just a few of the factors that closed down small town America.

Luckily, some of our original pioneering families have stuck it out, along with those who came later with pioneering spirits of their own.  Thank you for keeping that strong presence here, it has given Monticello a truly unique identity.  It is a quiet town, some people even use the word “dead”, which I think is not a nice thing to say; especially when you think about how “dead” people in the cities are, stuck in traffic, lacking fresh air... bless their hearts.

Over the last few decades or so, there has been an influx of new energy that has jumpstarted the Monticello Renaissance.  It has been nice to see people saving some of Monticello’s old buildings and preserving those important bits of history.  And it is especially nice that young people are coming here.  We want to encourage young families because they are what make our community sustainable.

One of the factors responsible for our community coming together is our monthly Mass.  There was definitely a significant shift when we started getting together regularly as a community.  People who aren’t Catholic and people who don’t even call themselves churchgoers go to Mass because it is such a community event.  People who don’t know each other well and some who I used to think were snotty are now all friends.  It is fun, thanks to Father Don and even if you don’t show up at Church you are welcome to come for coffee and goodies afterward in the plaza.  Last month, wow, ALL the bakers were out and what a dazzling array of pastry!

Since starting Mass, in the fall of 2010, we have raised money for the Church and we need to do something with it.  Our Church is an important historic building and it needs work.  If you are interested in helping with the project, please step forward.  There are more funds to be raised and we need a shot of energy.  Many people have made a huge difference in our community by doing little things and big things, too.  Take a turn at it.  Did you know that people who volunteer live longer and are happier than those who don’t?  Just thought I would throw in that bit of science...


DECEMBER 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - DEC2013.pdf

History of the Luminaries or Farolitos; Christmas Eve Luminaries and Mass; Commentary: In the Canyon, Peace. Good Will Toward Neighbors; Leditors to the Editor; Monticello Community Ditch Association November Meeting; Cañada Alamosa Recollections; New Mexico Ready For a Bottle Bill Addressing the Glass Problem; The Original Hooters (Nature’s Neighbors Column); and Calendar of December Events.

NOVEMBER 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Nov2013.pdf

A Mayordomo for the Plaza; Ditch Association Annual Meeting; Commentary: To Burn or Not to Burn; Motorists Beware: Lots of Screws and Nails Found on Road!; After the Magdalena Water Crisis: Lessons Learned; Chloride Attractions; Cañada Alamosa Recollections (How Did Monticello Get It’s Name); Pharrwest Galleries; Scrub Jays - Our Year Round Neighbors (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Calendar of November Events; and Eat Wild.

OCTOBER 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger.Oct.2013.pdf 

The Bells of San Ignacio; The Chloride Bank Cafe Now Open; Commentary - When All Else Fails, Talk About the Weather; Leditors to the Editor; Cañada Alamosa Recollections (August 30, 1907 Flood); Meet the Swainsons (Nature’s Neighbors Column); and Calendar of October Events.

SEPTEMBER 2013 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger-Sep2013.pdf

San Augustin Plains Water Grab Update; Commentary - Is the Grass Greener or Is There Grass?; Leditors to the Editor;  Cañada Alamosa Recollections (August 30, 1907 Flood); Fly, Fly Blackbirds (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Crystal Archuleta Montoya - Doing Fine; Eat Wild - Tumbleweed/Russian Thistle & Amaranth/Pigweed; and Calendar of September Events

AUGUST 2013 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - Aug2013 copy.pdf

Fiesta de San Lorenzo en Las Placitas el 10 de Agosto, 2013; Commentary - Immigration, Mobility, Xenophobia, and Bears; Cañada Alamosa Recollections (Stories from Nancy Chavez as told to Kristi Moya); Beautiful Brush-footed Butterflies (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Cowboy’s Real and Imagined (Review of New Mexico History Museum Exhibit); What Price Immigration Reform?; Eat Wild - Quelites/Lambsquarters & Verdolages/Purslane; and Calendar of August Events

JULY 2013 ISSUE:  Monticello Messenger - July2013.pdf

Magdalena Well Runs Dry; A New Mexico County is First in the Nation to Ban Fracking; Commentary - Global Weirding;  Cañada Alamosa’s History Displayed (Review of New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum Exhibit); The Feathered Firebrands of Summer (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Placitas Woman Hurt in Car Crash; El Espiritu de la Cañada Alamosa; Leonard Carrillo of TorC Awarded NM Recycler of the Year; Silver Fire Updates; Trash on the Flats; Calendar of July Events; and Kale.

JUNE 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - June2013 .pdf

Local Educator Celebrates Fruitful Career of 38 Years; Celebrate the Flats!; Commentary - Buddhism/Christianity; Tibetan Spiritual Exchange in Monticello; House Finches (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Last Push to Complete Flats Clean Up With BBQ Celebration at Plaza; Calendar of June Events; and Truth or Consequences Recycling Drive

MAY 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - May2013.pdf

Esteemed Tibetan Buddhist to Give Public Talk in Monticello; Flats Clean Up - Saturday May 11th BBQ for Participants on June 1st; Building Community the Monticello Way; In Loving Memory of Tommy Sullivan; Ancient Farming Method Still Applies; Keystone Light Drinkers Win Litterbug Award, Bud Products a Close Second; Javelina - Our Little Piggy (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Join Mary Katherine Ray on a Sierra Club Outing to Monticello Box and the Canada Alamosa; Calendar of May Events; and Information about TorC Recycling Center

APRIL 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - aprilfools2013.pdf

Budget Cuts Force Congress to Work for Free; Welcome Earthlings, to Our Annual April Fool’s Issue; LEditors to the Editor; The Black Range Rag - New Website for the Entire Region; Don’t Poo Poo the Poo (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Las Cruces Exhibition Showcases Cañada Alamosa Discoveries; Swallowing Your Gum, The Horrific Outcome; Banana Peels Really Repel Aphids; Identity Theft, A Real and Growing Threat; and Calendar of Events for April

MARCH 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - March2013.pdf

Las Cruces Exhibition Showcases Cañada Alamosa Discoveries; Crystal Comes Home to Placitas; Flats Clean Up Underway; LEditors to the Editor: Monticello Canyon Association Holds Annual Meeting; In Honor of Easter - Cottontails! Common and Cute (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Report on the February Fiesta; Grandson Arrives for Canyon Resident; Tommy Sullivan Update; and Calendar of Events for March

FEBRUARY 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - feb2013.pdf

Monticello’s Fiesta de San Ignacio to be Held on Saturday February 9th; Young Placitas Woman Injured, Rolls Car on the Flats; February is Love Month, Among Other Things; LEditors to the Editor; Roots - Final Episode; Owner Found of Lost Dog; Tommy Sullivan Being Treated for Cancer; Juncos, the Real Snowbirds (Nature’s Neighbors Column); The Current Trash Situation for County Residents; Sierra County Household Solid Waste Plan; and Calendar of Events for February

JANUARY 2013 ISSUE: Monticello Messenger - Jan2013.pdf

Magdalena Citizens Say “NO” to Plains Water Grab; PRC and Attorney General Push Against Renewable Energy; Toward a Peaceful, Happy and Loving 2013; LEditor to the Editor; Roots - Episode 10; Ditch Meeting Advances Bylaws Revision; Seasons of the Elk (Nature’s Neighbors Column); Recycling Cost/Benefit Analysis; Searching Phor Pollinization (A Travel Story) Part 3; and Calendar of Events for January