The Taylor creek tin district and

the hermosa mining district


74 draw mine (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Cassiterite    Cristobalite    Durangite    Fluorite    Hematite    Smectite Group    Tridymite

Albatross (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3

alexander mine (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Cassiterite    Cristobalite     Hematite    Quartz    Sanidine     Smectite Group 

Amajacano (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   June 22, 1883  June 29, 1883   July 13, 1883   August 24, 1883

American flag group (Hermosa)

MINERALS:   Galena  

BLOGS:    February 23, 1883   March 2, 1883    March 23, 1883    May 4, 1883    May 11, 1883   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3   October 1883   November 2, 1883   November 30, 1883   December 21, 1883   December 28, 1883   February 1, 1884    February 8, 1884          February 15, 1884   March 7, 1884   March 21, 1884   March 28, 1884   April 4, 1884     April 18, 1884    April 25, 1884   May 2, 1884   May 23, 1884

Americano (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   May 11, 1883   May 18, 1883   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3   May 25, 1883

Antelope group (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   March 2, 1883; April 20, 1883   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3   May 9, 1884

Argonaut (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3

beryllium virgin claim (taylor creek

MINERALS: Red Beryl    Bixbyite    Brabantite   Cassiterite     Cerianite    Chernovite    Fluorite    Gasparite    Hematite    Iimenite    Magnetite    Opal    Pseudobrookite    Quartz   Niobian Rutile    Sanidine    Topaz     Tridymite    Wakefieldite

black tail (South of Hermosa)

BLOGS:  April 18, 1884

boiler peak (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Bixbyite    Durangite    Montmorillonite    Tridymite

Chicago - incl. tip-top (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   May 18, 1883   July 13, 1883   July 20, 1883   August 3, 1883   August 17, 1883    September 7, 1883

cliff-l-embolite group (Hermosa)

diamond creek (taylor creek)

MINERALS:  Analcime    Mesolite

flagstaff property (Hermosa)

MINERALS:   Galena

BLOGS:   March 2, 1883    May 4, 1883   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3   April 4, 1884


BLOGS:  February 15, 1884

juniper mine (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Goethite    Hidalgoite    Jarosite

lexington (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3

maverick mountain (taylor creek)

MINERALS:  Cassiterite    Topaz

nana mine (Hermosa)

MINERALS:   Acanthite    Anglesite    Cerussite    Chalcopyrite    Covellite    Galena    Goethite    Kaolinite    Lepidocrocite    Polbasite    Quartz    Silver    Sphalerite    Talc

nugget gulch (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Cassiterite    Cassiterite (Wood Tin)    Heulandite     Hidalgoite    Opal    Stolzite

ocean wave group (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   Sphalerite

pelican group: PalomAs chief (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   February 23, 1883   March 2, 1883   March 23, 1883   An Unprejudiced Opinion - 3   July 13, 1883   August 3, 1883   October 1883   February 1, 1884   April 25, 1884

pelican group: Ready cash property (Hermosa)

BLOGS:   March 2, 1883   July 20, 1883

ramsey deposit (taylor creek)

MINERALS:  Halloysite    Kaolinite

round mountain (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Red Beryl    Bixbyite   Hematite (Specularite)    Quartz    Topaz

salado mountains fluorspar deposit

MINERALS:  Fluorite

sawmill creek (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Niobian Rutile

squaw creek mine (taylor creek)

MINERALS:   Cassiterite    Chabazite    Chernovite    Gasparite    Goethite    Hematite    Heulandite    Limonite    Maxwellite    Mordenite    Pseudobrookite    Quartz    Sanidine    Smectite Group    Stellerite    Stilbite    Tridymite    Tripuhyite

the clearing (taylor creek)

MINERALS:  Durangite    Goethite    Hematite (Specularite)    Hidalgoite    Jarosite  Opal     Topaz

Tip top - See Chicago

wolford mine (Hermosa)

MINERALS:   Calcite    Cerussite    Copper Stain    Descloisite    Limonite    Mimetite    Pyromorphite    Smithsonite    Vanadinite    Wulfenite





Mines and mining districts are ill defined.  Geographic coverage and names have varied over time.  In general, the mines listed here are those found in the northeastern part of the Black Range in Sierra County, New Mexico.  The Taylor Creek Tin district is also known as the Black Range Tine District.  This listing includes the Salado Mountains Fluorspar Deposit.

The following is a listing of the mines of this area, the minerals that were taken from the mines, blogs on the Black Range Rag about the mines, and links to other material about the mines.  Blog entries which are dates (e.g. March 23, 1883) are links to blogs about the issue of The Black Range newspaper.