Spell of the Black Range

”My grandparents, Jay and Louise Barnes, came to Chloride in the early spring of 1881, bringing their daughter and only child, Alice, who was to become my mother.  She was sixteen at the time.  The Santa Fe Railroad was being built from the north towards El Paso, Texas, and toward juncture with the railroad being built eastward from the Pacific Coast.  It had been completed as far as San Marcial, a little town on the east side of the Rio Grande, which now lies beneath the water of the lake created by the Elephant Butte Dam.  The Barnes family rode the train as far as San Marcial, then took the stage coach to Chloride, some seventy miles in a southwesterly direction, lying in the foothills of the Black Range.  A rich silver strike had been made there not long before...”

This is history of the first and second-hand, Mildred Rea’s experiences and the family history told to her by her grandparents and parents.  It is a fascinating cut of the history of the Black Range.  This series of blogs ran on The Black Range Rag during the summer and fall of 2015.

This “Blogs to Books” offering is provided in two .pdf documents, one suitable for e-mailing, one of higher quality:

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The digital world is dynamic.  There is always the possibility that you could finish it and let it lie - the following is our effort not to do that.

  1. BulletBecause of the timing of the blogs and the completion of the Blogs to Books offering we were able to include several references to the Barnes/Fulghums from other sources being offered on the Black Range Rag.  References to Mrs. Barnes adding on to her house in Chloride which received two mentions in The Black Range newspaper, for instance.  As we continue our 1880 - 1900 blog we will include future references to the family or the things mentioned in The Spell of the Black Range below.

  2. BulletJanuary 9, 2016 Post:  The April 20, 1883 issue of the newspaper has an article which references Alice Barnes as a bridesmaid.

  3. BulletAugust 24, 1883 - Alice and Mother go to a party.

  4. BulletSeptember 14, 1883 - Alice and Mother go on an outing to Diamond Creek.

  5. BulletDiary of the Hunt, Ed Tittman’s account of a hunt which he went on in November 1909 in the Black Range - references the Fulghum place at the Ingersol Mine several times.

  6. BulletThe July 13, 1883 entry on the 1880-1900 Blog has entry about Jay Barnes on The Black Range newspaper issue of that date.

  7. BulletAlice Barnes named teacher: November 9, 1883

  8. BulletSchool Begins: November 16, 1883

  9. BulletAlice Barnes is a great teacher:  December 7, 1883   December 14, 1883    December 28, 1883

  10. BulletJay Barnes part owner of mine in Kingston & The first month of Alice Barnes’ school class: December 21, 1883

  11. BulletJanuary 4, 1884.  Alice Barnes begins new school term at the School in Chloride

  12. BulletJanuary 11, 1884 . Alice Barnes attends social.

  13. BulletJanuary 24, 1884.  Jay Barnes visits Chloride and is working on “promising prospect in North Percha”.  Alice Barnes is Secretary of Ladies Society in Chloride.

  14. BulletFebruary 1, 1884.  Alice Barnes goes on “strike” over wages.

  15. BulletFebruary 15, 1884.  Alice Barnes plays organ at a party.  Jay Barnes sells his part of Ingersoll mine.

  16. BulletFebruary 22, 1884.  Ladies Society, Alice Barnes Secretary.

  17. BulletFebruary 29, 1884.  Alice Barnes selected as school teacher for new year.

  18. BulletMarch 7, 1884.  School starts.

  19. BulletMay 2, 1884.  One more month of school.

  20. BulletMay 30, 1884.  The Ingersoll mine which was so prominent in Alice Barnes’ life is mentioned.

  21. BulletJune 20, 1884.  School is out for the year, Alice Barnes receives high praise.



Mildred Rea (center) on October 11, 1897.  Her mother, Alice Barnes Fulghum is on the left, her father, Roscoe W. Fulghum is on the right.

The grave stone of Mildred Rea’s parents and grandparents at the Lake Valley Cemetery, at the southeastern edge of the Black Range.

The cabin built by Mildred Rea’s grandfather, Jay Barnes, in the early 1880’s near the Ingersol Mine in the Black Range.

Kingston in the 1880’s.

1901 Hunting Party at Ingersol Home

1901 Hunting Party at Magne Cabin


Spell of the Black Range by Mildred Rea