New Mexico


This page is our portal to the rock art of the indigenous peoples of New Mexico and some adjacent areas.  We indicate the location of the rock art only when it is from well known sites with explicit directions posted on other sites.  Unfortunately, there are still criminals who are more than willing to chop a glyph to sell on the black market.  That is part of the history of the west, looters have ransacked just about every site which has been found.

The Petroglyphs of the Black Range Photo Gallery depicts petroglyphs from locations in the Black Range.  See the “Bob Barnes” site for listings of petroglyph photo galleries outside the Black Range.

There are many sources of information on glyphs, and generally what they mean.  I will not repeat the information from those sites here except to note that one of the most compelling stories about glyphs and their study is that of Embree “Sonny” Hale.  Watch the trailer to the movie.

Unless otherwise attributed, all photographs were taken by Bob Barnes of Hillsboro.  He retains all copyright rights and allows the use of these images for non-commercial purposes.  For purposes of granting these rights, non-profits with paid staff are considered commercial endeavors.  Contact him directly if you wish to use images shown here for any commercial endeavor at Bob Barnes.


world view or whimsy?

ABOVE:  The bottom middle photograph was taken at Hueco Tanks State Park, Texas, USA.  The other photographs were taken at the Frying Pan Canyon and Pony Hills sites north of Deming, New Mexico, USA.

BELOW:  Hueco Tanks