The Northwest Quadrant


The Northwest Quadrant of the Black Range is bounded on the west by North Star Road, which runs between NM-35 in the Mimbres Valley and NM-59 near Beaverhead.  NM-59 runs through the northern part of the Black Range and sections of land on the north side of the highway are included in our survey.

North Star Road was created to break up the Gila Wilderness area.  The Gila Wilderness is now on the west side of the road, the Aldo Leopold Wilderness is on the east side of the road.

North Star Road (From NM-35 in the south to

NM-59 in the north) - Road video identifies

intermediate points of interest not identified

on the map below.)

Cooney Road (7.2 Miles North of NM-35, on North Star Road)

and Access to Mimbres River (See Road Video)

NM-59 From Jct. With North Star Road

to the Continental Divide


From NM-35, north on “north Star Road” to NM-59 Then East to the Continental Divide

This webpage is supported by the following videos:

North Star Road (from NM-35, north on North Star Road, to NM-59, east to the Continental Divide)

Cooney/Mimbres River Road (7.2 miles north of NM-35 on North Star Road)

We have not hiked extensively in this area so we provide links to other sources of information below.

Mile 50.7

Junction with NM - 59

Mile 38.5

Wall Lake

Mile 37.7

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Mile 33.5

Diamond Creek Crossing, Trail 40

Mile 32.3

Trail 68

Mile 25.7

Road to Me Own Work Center and Airstrip, Trail 707, on east side of road.

Mile 24.8

Trail 708 and corral on west side of road.

Mile 23.3

Trail 716

Mile 21.3

Black Canyon Campground, FS -72 to the east.

Mile 16.7

Trail 754.

Mile 14.7

Trail No. 76 crosses the road.

Mile 12.4 Rocky Canyon Forest Camp

Access to two trails: Rocky Canyon Trail, No. 700; and Cave Trail, No. 803.  Access to 803, which is about 2 miles RT, is .3 miles down Trail 700 from the west end of the campground.

Mile 8.9

There is a corral on the left (west) side of the road.

Mile 7.7

Access to Mimbres River Trail, No. 77 and the Continental Divide Trail, No. 74.

Mile 7.2

Cooney Road

Provides access to Bloodgood Place and Mimbres River.  See Road Video. 

You may be interested in Drusilla Claridge’s article on the North Star Road.