The Natural History of the Black Range

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The Natural History of the Black Range is diverse and complicated and to a remarkable extent unexplored and undocumented.  There are several works which cover species found in the Black Range and others which cover the ecosystem types found in the Black Range.  There are also works which describe the effects that humans have had on the area.  In general, we focus on the works of authors who live in the Black Range.  Hopefully, the following resources will help you understand and appreciate the beauty of this part of the world.

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VIDEOS: Birds of the Black Range


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  4. BulletMammals of the Black Range

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  3. BulletRamblings from a Hillsboro Naturalist vol 1 no 1.pdf

  4. BulletA Shell Hunt in the Black Range.pdf

The Works of Local Writers

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After a long and distinguished career as a Wildlife Biologist performing research on the natural history of the Wild Turkey and Cougar, and becoming a nationally recognized expert on those species, Harley Shaw retired to become a major author on the natural history of this region.

Jan Haley’s work, both “Max Evans’ Hi Lo...” and “Free Flow” have received significant acclaim.  Her beautiful photographs provide significant insight to the varied lands of New Mexico.

Other Resources

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