The Hillsboro Mining District


85 Mine

MINERALS:    Acanthite    Calcite    Chalcopyrite    Gold

Barking Frog - SEE: Macy Mine

Big Chief Mine in Percha Creek

MINERALS:  Calcite    Kentrolite    Quartz    Vanadinite    Wad    Wulfenite


Bigelow Group (aka Big-Lo and Big Low)

VIDEO: Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume One and Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume Two

BLOGS: The Big-Low Mine and The Big-Low Mine Trail    Gold

MINERALS:   Bornite   Chalcopyrite   Gold   Lead   Quartz   Zinc

Bobbee De Claim - SEE Macy Mine

Bobtail Shaft - SEE: Rattlesnake Mine


MINERALS:  Acanthite    Calcite    Chalcocite    Chalcopyrite    Galena    Gold    Limonite    Pyrite    Quartz    Sphalerite  

VIDEO: Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume One

BLOGS: The Bonanza Mine and Bonanza Mine Trail

Braeuer Group - SEE: Freidberg Mine

Buetecke Tunnel - SEE: Copper Flat

CABALLERO GROUP - SEE: Sherman Vein/Mine & McKinley Mine

Chance Mine (Cina Mahoney Group)

MINERALS:  Bornite    Chalcanthite    Chalcocite    Limonite    Pyrite    Quartz

LINKS:  The Diggings

Cina Mahoney Group - See: Chance Mine

Cincinnati No. 1 and No. 2 - SEE: North Percha Mining Co.

Copper Flat (Buetecke Tunnel, Homestake Mine, & Tripp Mine)

BLOGS: March 23, 1883

Copper Flat (Sternberg Shaft)

MINERALS:  Azurite    Calcite    Chalcocite    Chalcopyrite    Copper    Cuprite    Chalcotrichite    Malachite    Molybdenite    Pyrite    Quartz    Tenorite

Copper Flat Claims

MINERALS:  Chalcopyrite    Gold    Pyrite    Quartz    Tetradymite

El Oro Shaft

BLOG: El Oro, Andrews, and Kap

Empire Mine

Eureka Shaft - SEE: Rattlesnake Mine

Freidberg Mine of the Braeuer Group

Fullerton Property - Lewellyn Tunnel

Garfield Butler Group

MINERALS:  Azurite    Chalcanthite    Chalcocite    Chalcopyrite    Galena    Goslarite    Limonite    Malachite    Pyrite    Quartz    Sphalerite

VIDEO: An Interview With Federico Antonio Chavez Luna  and Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume Two

BLOGS: The Garfield/Butler Mine Group - And Trail To The Mine

Gold Dust Placers


Golden Rule Mine (See El Oro)

Gold Star - SEE: Ready Pay Vein/Mine

Hall Mine

MINERALS:  Vanadium ores (unspecified)

LINKS:  The Diggings

Hillsboro hydraulic company

BLOGS: May 9, 1884

Homestake Mine - SEE: Copper Flat

J. C. Macy Claim - SEE: Macy Mine

Lewellyn Tunnel - SEE: Fullerton Property

Little Jewess Property

Luxemburg Placers

MINERALS:  Gold Placers East of Copper Flat

McKinley Vein (aka Caballero mine or caballero claims)

MINERALS:  Calcite    Quartz   Gold   Copper   Silver   Chalcopyrite  Argentite

BLOGS: McKinley Mine

Macy Mine (aka Percha Mine, Vanadinite Mine, J. C. Macy Claim, Barking Frog, Bobbee De Claim)

MINERALS:  Arsenatian Vanadintie    Calcite    Cerussite    Descloizite    Fluorite    Galena    Heulandite    Melanotekite    Mimetite    Quartz     Vanadinite    Wulfenite

BLOGS: Vanadinite Mine


Mary Richmond Mine

MINERALS:  Calcite    Chalcopyrite    Galena    Gold    Limonite    Pyrite    Sphalerite

Miners Dream Mine - SEE: Petroglyph Mine

Mogul Claim - SEE: Sweetwater Claim

Mogul Claim - SEE: Sweetwater Claim

Morning Glory Mine

MINERALS:   Gold   Copper   Silver

LINKS:  Western Mining History

National defense mine group (National Defense mines 1-11,  Tittman mine Group)

Minerals:   Wad

Blog:  National Defense Mines 

North Percha Mining Co. (Cincinnati No. 1 and No. 2)

OLD Kelly

BLOGS: August 24, 1883   May 16, 1884

Opportunity Mine

VIDEO: Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume One

BLOGS: Opportunity Mine

Palma Group

MINERALS:  Calderónite    Pyrolusite    Wad


Percha Mine - SEE: Macy Mine

Petaluma Group

Petroglyph Mine (aka Miners Dream Mine)

MINERALS:  Anglesite    Aragonite    Baryte    Calcite    Cerussite    Descloizite    Goethite    Hemimorphite    Melanotekite    Mimetite    Mottramite    Quartz    Vanadinite    Arsenatian Vanadinite   Wad    Willemite    Wulfenite

BLOGS: Petroglyph Mine


Rattlesnake Mine (aka Snake Mine) - Bobtail Shaft, Eureka Shaft, and Snake Shaft

VIDEO: Mines of the Hillsboro Mining District - Volume One

BLOGS:  Rattlesnake Mine & Eureka Shaft  Bobtail: July 7, 1883  

Bobtail: September 21, 1883

Ready Pay Group - SEE: Ready Pay Vein/Mine

Ready Pay Vein/Mine

MINERALS:  Gold   Copper   Silver   Chalcopyrite  Argentite   Bornite

Republic Claim

Rex Mine (aka Smuggler Mine)

MINERALS:  Heulandite    Kentrolite    Melanotekite    Mordenite    Vanadinite    Arsenatian Vanadintie


Scandia - SEE: Ready Pay Vein/Mine

SHERMAN GROUP - SEE: Sherman Vein/Mine

Sherman Vein/Mine

MINERALS:  Gold   Copper   Silver   Chalcopyrite  Argentite

Smuggler Mine - SEE: Rex Mine

Snake Gulch Placers


Snake Shaft - SEE: Rattlesnake Mine

South Percha Claim - SE: Sweetwater Claim

Sternberg Shaft - SEE: Copper Flat

stonewall jackson

BLOGS:  August 31, 1883

Sweetwater Claim (aka Mogul Claim, South Percha Claim)

Tripp Mine - See: Copper Flat

Trojan Mine in Percha Creek

MINERALS:  Cryptomelane

Unecorn - SEE: Ready Pay Vein/Mine

Vanadinite Mine - SEE: Macy Mine

Virginia Lode

MINERALS:  Cerussite    Ilmenite    Vanadinite    Wulfenite

BLOGS:  Geology Trail One

Warm Springs Canyon

MINERALS:  Pseudobrookite


Wicks Gulch Placers


Wicks Vein

Wisconsin Claim

MINERALS:  Chrysocolla

York Claim





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Mines and mining districts are ill defined.  Geographic coverage and names have varied over time.  In general, the mines listed here are to the east and northeast of the village of Hillsboro, New Mexico.

The following is a listing of the mines of the Hillsboro Mining District, the minerals that were taken from the mines, blogs on the Black Range Rag about the mines, and links to other material about the mines.  Blog entries which are dates (e.g. March 23, 1883) are links to blogs about the issue of The Black Range newspaper of that date.