Cooke’s Range & Fluorite ridge MINES


85 Group  (Cooke’s peak district)

Alum Cave (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:  Alunogen

contention group (Cooke’s peak district)

cooke’s peak area (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:  Calcite    Fluorite    Psilomelane    Quartz (Carnelian)

copper mine (aka copperton mine) (old hadley [graphic] district)

MINERALS:  Baryte    Chrysocolla    Creaseyite    Dioptase    Fornacite    Murdochite    Plancheite    Quarts(Jasper)    Shattukite    Vanadinite

copperton mine - SEE: Cooper mine (old hadley [graphic] district)

cox prospect - SEE: green spar mine  (fluorite ridge district)

deckert mine (fluorite ridge district)

desdemona mine (Cooke’s peak district)

duke of Luxembourg prospect (fluorite ridge district)

el paso mine (Cooke’s peak district)

faywood mine  (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:  Quartz    Vanadinite

ft. cummings (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Geode    Heulandite    Iddingsite    Thomsonite-Ca

goat ridge prospect (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite    Quartz

graphic lode (old hadley [graphic] district)

MINERALS:  Baryte    Chrysocolla   Copper   Cuprite    Tenorite

grattan mine (aka sadler no. 2 mine)  (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite    Pyrite    Quartz

grattan state land - SEE: green spar mine  (fluorite ridge district)

greenleaf mine  (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite    Psilomelane    Quartz

green spar mine (aka grattan state land or cox prospect)

(fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite

hilltop prospect  (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite

hub mine (old hadley [graphic] district)

Inez mine (Cooke’s peak district)

jackson’s tunnel - SEE: kieft cave  (Cooke’s peak district)

jośe District  (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Galena    Pyrite    Quartz    Sphalerite    Vanadinite

jumbo prospect (old hadley [graphic] district)

kieft cave (aka jackson’s tunnel) (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Calcite

lead king  (Cooke’s peak district)

little flat mine  (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Acanthite    Chlorargyrite

lookout prospect  (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Calcite

lucky mine (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite

Manganese district (Cooke’s Range)

MINERALS:   Manganese Oxides (Dentrites)    Quartz (Carnelian)     Quartz (Chalcedony)    Quartz (Jasper)    Calcite    Fluorite    Psilomelane    Wad

monte cristo mine  (Cooke’s peak district)

montezuma mine (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:  Acanthite    Chlorargyrite 

BLOGS:  More Unprejudiced Opinions

othello mine (Cooke’s peak district)

poe group (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Sphalerite

rattlesnake canyon (old hadley [graphic] district)

rock island mine (old hadley [graphic] district)

MINERALS:  Vanadinite

ruth’s ridge - SEE: Starkey Group

MINERALS:  Calcite   Wad

sadler mine (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite

BLOGS:  Sadler Mine

sadler no. 2 mine - SEE: grattan mine   (fluorite ridge district)

san juan mine (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite    Quartz

section 2 mine (fluorite ridge district)

section 27 prospect (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite

silver cave (Cooke’s peak district)

Starkey Group (aka Ruth’s Ridge) (Cooke’s Range)

MINERALS:  Calcite   Wad

summit group - see: poe group (Cooke’s peak district)

surprise and mahonney number 1 shaft (Cooke’s peak district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite 

tiptop prospect (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Fluorite 

valley mine (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite    Quartz

white bluff prospect (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:   Calcite    Fluorite    Quartz

whitehill prospect (fluorite ridge district)

MINERALS:  Fluorite

white oaks (Cooke’s peak district)




Mines and mining districts are ill defined.  Geographic coverage and names have varied over time.  In general, the mines listed here are those found in the Cooke’s Range and adjacent Fluorite Ridge, New Mexico.

The following is a listing of the mines of this area, the minerals that were taken from the mines, blogs on the Black Range Rag about the mines, and links to other material about the mines.  Blog entries which are dates (e.g. March 23, 1883) are links to blogs about the issue of The Black Range newspaper.

See our “Southern Roads” page for an extensive discussion of mining in this area.