Ninety Miles From NoWhere


“Ninety Miles From Nowhere” is the true story of Anabel Howell’s experience on her homestead in southwestern New Mexico in 1931...” 

“Ninety Miles...” was serialized on The Free Range blog over the last year.  We offer it here as a “Blog to Book” in two .pdf versions, one suitable for email, and the other in a larger, higher image quality, size:

90 Miles From Nowhere (email version).pdf  1.8 MB

90 Miles From Nowhere (web version).pdf  71.6 MB

If you are interested in reading individual chapters, as they originally appeared on “The Free Range” blog, you may use the following links:

Chapter 1 - Forward, Dedication & The Wrong Century

Chapter 2 - Hooked on New Mexico

Chapter 3 - The Long Way Back

Chapter 4 - School Days

Chapter 5 - Winter Ways

Chapter 6 - The Best Laid Plans of Mules and Men

Chapter 7 - The First Spring

Chapter 8 - The Coming of Family

Chapter 9 - Alone Again

Chapter 10 - A Rose By Any Other Name

Chapter 11 - A Deceptive Climate

Chapter 12 - O. C. W.'s "Annie Oakley"

Chapter 13 - Butler Mystery

Chapter 14 - Over the Hill But Not So Far Away

Chapter 15 - Snow On Our Desks

Chapter 16 - The Pinto Bean Capital

Chapter 17 - High Pockets

Chapter 18 - Riches to Rags, Roundtrip

Chapter 19 - Deming and More

Chapter 20 - Bingham


L’Envoi - The Right Century





ninety Miles From Nowhere

by Anabel HowEll